We’re proud to present our innovative menu philosophy, Honest Goodness.

Best described as ‘feel good, whole food, made fresh’, this menu was developed by our Executive Chef, Gavin Robertson, in conjunction with leading nutritional experts at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), the University of Adelaide, and CSIRO, Health & Biosecurity.

Honest Goodness is a menu where nature is the hero, packed with authentic, wholesome ingredients sourced from local sustainable environments. It has an emphasis on minimal intervention foods, the conscious reduction of processed elements, and an unwavering commitment to ‘house-made’.

As part of our commitment to showcasing the best of local produce, our 2021/22 Honest Goodness menu incorporates a range of traditional indigenous ingredients, which enhance featured dishes with their unique and diverse flavour offerings and textures. In addition, to coincide with the increasing popularity of ‘plant based’ cuisine, this year’s menu features an exclusive series of plant based dishes.

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Video: Honest Goodness Philosophy

“In creating Honest Goodness, we listened to our clients, handpicked the best of regional produce and engaged with local artisan producers to develop a menu that is not only distinctly South Australian, but full of flavour. We’re particularly excited to showcase a range of traditional indigenous ingredients in this menu. Sourced locally and all native to Australia, these ingredients not only add unique and diverse flavours and textures to the menu, but provide opportunity to experience Australia’s indigenous culture and support rural indigenous communities.”

– Gavin Robertson, Executive Chef, Adelaide Convention Centre